A conversation with Mr. Ajai Sharma

“Don’t be intimidated for people will intimidate you. But remember the world belongs to hard workers and not dreamers. You have no idea how proud I was when he sent me a mail saying he’s doing a book on Jeddah. And I said right then, this guy is going far. Because all the kids who... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List

Summer's a time to catch up on missed readings, turn back to old favorites and discover new ones. Selecting the right book, however, always poses an irrefutable challenge, what with the sundry options available. Therefore, the ensemble of fond readers at MTTN have curated a catalog of some great reads featuring everything from historical fiction... Continue Reading →

Bookstore Hopping

Like bar-hopping, except  cooler In a town designed to provide everything a college student could want, fiction takes a backseat to academics on bookstore shelves. A Mecca for booklovers Manipal is not. Or so people believe. The quest, one warm Sunday afternoon, was to test the veracity of this statement. Armed with Google maps, Justdial,... Continue Reading →

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