Home Away from Home

Returning to college after two and a half months of vacation comes with a mix of feelings. There is a disappointment because, after all that time of relaxing in the summer sun, even the thought of 8 AM classes, assignments and sessionals is off-putting. Yet, there's also an undeniable excitement in returning to the place... Continue Reading →

What is Manipal?

Manipal: of thunderous showers, extensive dry spells, and memories to treasure for a lifetime. And everything in between. Here, you’ll get lost and find yourself in ways you never thought you could. You’ll learn the value of time, money, and umbrellas. In this town, one can develop the unlikeliest yet sturdiest friendships, and yet learn... Continue Reading →

Freshers’ Guide to Hostels (Girls)

Hostels. That is a veritable question that comes into everyone’s heads. Even before you’ve embarked on your academic journey to become an engineer, you wish to know about the accommodation provided by the college, the comfort quotient, whether it’s worth your money and most importantly, if you’re ready to call it your second home. MTTN... Continue Reading →

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