Invictus: Day Two

The second day of Invictus saw both participants and organisers amping up both, the talent and adrenaline. The opening day of Vibes had gotten the ball rolling, and its successive day met everyone’s expectations. With a mix of literary and cultural events, everything the day had in store was met with anticipation and matched with... Continue Reading →

Sportzquake 2018- Cricket

What struck one first when venturing towards the playing field of the Dean vs. Pro-Chancellor cricket match was the atmosphere. Dance numbers thumped out of a speaker, and the players moved to them when they felt particularly jubilant. Wisecracks were pitched as frequently as balls, and everyone shared a laugh when both missed their intended... Continue Reading →

Every small bit goes a long way-SWC feature

Helen Keller once said, “ Until the great mass of people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.” The Social Welfare Committee (SWC) is the philanthropic wing of the Student Council of KMC. It is an entirely student run charity organization that works to... Continue Reading →

KMC T20 Premier League

In a country that lives and breathes cricket, the passion for the sport transcends all differences and lets everyone enjoy the gentleman's game. This love for the game among the students of KMC Manipal gave rise to the formation of the KMC T20 Premier League, the second edition of which concluded on the Sunday of... Continue Reading →

KMC T20 Premiere League 2018: The Auction

The Twenty20 Cricket Leagues have been all the rage for over a decade now. When it comes to catching up with global trends, we, the student population of Manipal leave no path untrodden and no stones unturned. Lo and behold! The KMC T20 Premiere League which was conceptualized by the Sports Committee of KMC, is... Continue Reading →

Indo-German Metabolic Meet (IGMM) 2017

The first Indo-German Metabolic Meet, held on the 23rd and 24th of September, 2017, had in store a vast array of lectures and workshops on Metabolic Medicine. The conference saw a confluence of geneticists, biochemists and clinicians for a discourse on pediatric diseases caused as a result of metabolic defects. DAY ONE The conference kicked... Continue Reading →

Impressions – A Dactylography Workshop

Fingerprints are one of the most unique things a human possesses. They are different in each individual and confer a distinctive identity to a person. Anybody who is a fan of detective TV series will agree that fingerprints are the most useful tools in identifying a person or eliminating a suspect. But how is this... Continue Reading →

Photography 101

In these times that seem to fly by all too quickly, the art of immortalizing a precious moment whilst preserving all its vivid realness and beauty is something many of us are eager to learn. It is a widely-held opinion that DSLRs are compelling gadgets - which explains the considerable turnout for the very first... Continue Reading →

KMC T20 Premier League 2017: The Auction

The deeper one looks within a game, the more games there are to see. Cricket may seem on the surface of it, a relatively straightforward matching of athletic skill and quick reflexes bound together with agile teamwork, yet there is much more to it than simply that. Strategizing occurs both off and on the field,... Continue Reading →

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