To Revel or Not to

An unassuming first-year enters college in blissful ignorance of the formidable world of 'adulting' and 'finance' that awaits them. They've been counseled by every uncle's neighbour's dog and their mother to account for every single expenditure with a full-fledged thesis and four additional clauses on why it was a quintessential case of poor investment. "Handle... Continue Reading →

JunkBots organized by SAE-IM

The dustbin. It's the end of the line for all the useless crap we find in our rooms, from cans of soda to overused pens. To the untrained eye, a dustbin is just that - a basket of unwanted junk waiting to be thrown out. As engineers, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we... Continue Reading →

Sunburn : Meet The Artists

RedX has successfully, yet again contributed to one of our best college experiences. Sunburn campus, 2017 witnessed artists Zaeden and Teri Miko get the crowd raving like never before. When we found out that they’re not only at the top of their field but are also youngsters making it big in an extremely competitive industry,... Continue Reading →

Engineers Without Borders

On the 24th September, the Manipal Chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) held a talk in association with EWB Bangalore. The speakers were DRDO Scientists, Mr Dillibabu and Mr Manjunath. The event started with a few words from the Director of MIT, Dr Gopalakrishna Prabhu. Then the guest speakers took over and talked about the... Continue Reading →

Red-X Manipal: The Year That Was

  MTTN: How did the club start? RED-X: Red-X was started mainly for sport enthusiasts who were fond of trekking, rappelling, rafting etc. but lacked the resources to go to such places. Manipal has a lot to offer in terms of good adventure spots, but sadly they have almost always been inaccessible. Hence the concept of... Continue Reading →

Ek Sureeli Shaam: Goonj’s Antakshari

Goonj, the first of its kind official Hindi club of Manipal, organised their biannual event, Antakshari, on the 8th of September (Thursday). Held in NLH 303 from 5:30 p.m., the event attracted a large number of people – as participants as well as audience. The registration for the event required paying a very minimal amount of... Continue Reading →

How I Met Your College: Classrooms

Kids, one thing you need to know about your college classroom is that you don’t choose the place where you sit in class. The place chooses the student, Harry. As the semester progresses, you will find yourself automatically gravitating to the position in class that best fulfills your needs, and in many ways even defines... Continue Reading →

Teaching Code for Good

A visit to a milk shake parlor and some catching up with a friend led me to  MPUC high school, Manipal, to meet a bunch of fellow engineering students, all toiling away with their students on a computer on a hot summer afternoon. My curiosity towards  knowing more about the program led me to work and understand a... Continue Reading →

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