Santa’s Diary Entries: 26.12.19

Diary Entry – 26.12.19 Diary! Diary! DIIIIARYYYYYYY!!! As you must have figured by now, this has not been my most fulfilling year as Santa Claus. It sends jitters through my spine to think that this may even have been my worst performance of my career so far. Ha! One could say even lousy Andre would... Continue Reading →

Santa’s Diary Entries: 25.12.19

Diary Entry - 25.12.19 Dear Diary,  So, I’m back and I now have a goatee. You remember how I told you yesterday that the missus wanted a change. Ohhh the woman!  How she managed! All the while I was busy looking at all the inventions by the Spy Department; they're meant to make my journey... Continue Reading →

Pujo Esheche!- What Durgotsav Means to Bengalis

It's the most wonderful time of the year for all the roshogolla-obsessed, jhola carrying, panjabi donning pseudo-intellectuals across the globe. Durga Puja entails much more than ten days of fast, feast and worship. It goes beyond 'Maddox ae adda' and aesthetic pictures of "Durga Maa and clan" flooding your gallery. For Bangalis, this is a time for cut-throat puchka-eating... Continue Reading →

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