A New Horizon- Project Manas

The field of Computer Science has undergone a massive transformation with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. As of 2018, AI has managed to reach almost all areas of study, ranging from Healthcare to Transport. Although a difficult topic to grasp initially, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence are plenty.  Students around the world have started dwelling... Continue Reading →


In a kingdom that has been ravaged by drought for years, a fire sacrifice is being carried out at the palace. But Lord Indra, the custodian of rains, isn't appeased. ‘Agni Varsha’, a tale from the epic Mahabharata, is based on the play ‘The fire and the rain’ by one of India's foremost playwrights, Girish... Continue Reading →

Play-By-Play: Aaina’s Spotlight

Theatre is an innovative expression of life. It is a thing of beauty, to project stories onto ourselves and others; a way of creating meaning through narrative and metaphor. On Sunday evening, the MIT Library auditorium witnessed innumerable emotions. A number of gasps, a whole lot of laughter, and plenty of “awes” as Manipal's very own... Continue Reading →

EcoAvenue: The Bitcoin Era

The Economics and Finance Society of Manipal, organized the first edition of EcoAvenue, an info session to discuss some of the most trending topics in the world of finance. Bitcoins, crypto-currencies, and startups were few of the areas the session revolved around. The idea behind conducting a session of this kind was to familiarize the... Continue Reading →

Completely Comical: The Abhishek Upmanyu Edition

For a campus filled with aspiring stand-up comedians, it’s no surprise that renowned comedian Abhishek Upmanyu’s show Thoda Saaf Bol was an absolute stunner. Hailing from Delhi, the young comedian is known for his quick-witted humour aside from his punch-filled one liners, and rapper-like deliverance. Amassing over 380k followers on YouTube, the jovial and fun-loving... Continue Reading →

MIT-DT ’17: An Undebatable Success

Before you begin reading this article on MIT-DT, it is highly recommended that you go through http://manipalthetalk.org/colleges/mit/fests-mit/revels/the-debate-workshop/ to get yourself acquainted with the rules of a British Parliamentary Debate. Think of the scariest things in life. Clowns, mummies, alien invasions, mummified clowns from Mars wanting to invade the Earth – you get the idea. None... Continue Reading →

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