Tribute to the Oldies: Placement Edition

“CONGRATS to the 5 xyz company selects and expecting them to distribute sweets in their respective departments, for their success and take the blessings of all their faculty (teaching & non-teaching) who have helped them, achieve their dreams. MIT and MU wishes you all the very best for your bright future.”  The iconic post of... Continue Reading →

The Playlist for Your College Life

Failure: Matchbox 20- Unwell It begins with the end of your IIT dreams, when you realise you can’t make it to one. You start doubting your capabilities and the very belief you had in your dreams get worn away due a certain Sharma ji next door who’s myopic and prejudiced enough to think of... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Making the Right Choices

Manipal is all about choices. Be it a choice between attending an 8 a.m. class and eating breakfast, or choosing which TV show to binge watch, your college life is bound to be rife with choices. It’s a fairly simple yet commonly disregarded fact: the consequence of your choices will inevitably affect you. On an... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the First Days of College

COLLEGE. The word itself brings to mind a spectacular amalgamation of friendship, new and wild experiences, joy, and studies. It's almost time for all the freshers to join college and you're probably wondering what it's going to be like. After spending the last two years (and maybe more) of your life preparing  for grueling stuff... Continue Reading →

How to use Spotify in India

With exams right around the corner, it’s nice to have some music to listen to while you slog away at your study table. Some of us like to listen to familiar tunes while others prefer to discover. Some want heavy electronic beats while others simply demand soothing instrumentals. Whatever your cravings are, there’s one service... Continue Reading →

What matters in college

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.   More often than not, we are born with extraordinary skills. Not all these skills involve being gifted with numbers, or having the ability to mug up a subject overnight. Sometimes, these might also come in the form of excellent skills in Marketing, Design, Communication,... Continue Reading →

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