The Man in the Mirror

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch Stay in love, because falling in love has a million published guides. Stay in love with yourself because self-love stands by you no matter what. Look at yourself like you would... Continue Reading →

Pre-Revels’18 : Sports

Pre-Revels’18 had a lot of events for sports enthusiasts in the box this year. They were well organised and conducted with utmost care by the organisers with an aim to inspire and recreate. There were eight events in total, spanning over six days.   BOX CRICKET This quaintly set up event happened right outside the... Continue Reading →

WGSHA Annual Day 2018

Everyone at Fortune Inn Valley View on the fifth of February was fortunate indeed, as the evening sky painted with streaks of bright lights and the beats playing in the background promised exciting things in store. The 32nd Annual Awards Celebration of the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, WGSHA, started off with a warm... Continue Reading →

Breaking Stereotypes

Is anyone there? Where is everyone? Am I wrong or am I write? Was that a pun?   Can anyone hear me? Why doesn’t anyone reply? Am I too loud? Should I start my  rhyme?   Am I too early? Am I too late? Does everyone know, Is it the right date?   Is this... Continue Reading →

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