HPV: A Formidable yet Tameable Foe

Can a seemingly innocuous lesion in the genital region lead to your death in a few years? Yes, yes it can. More so if you are a woman. Genital lesions are a sign of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which also sets the stage for about 90 percent cases of Cervical Cancer- a leading cause of... Continue Reading →

HIV/AIDS: Need We Say More? (Yes)

The spectrum that is HIV/AIDS is ubiquitous even amongst sexually transmitted diseases. It has scary statistics beside it, such as the global populace living with the disease, numbering at anywhere about 36 to 38 million people. It does not help that the storied history of HIV infection consists mostly of caution tales against misconceptions, folk... Continue Reading →

Gonorrhoea: The Silent Clap

Gonorrhoea, other than an ill-advised inclusion in spelling bees, is also a notorious venereal disease. A bacterium, formally known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the subject of said notoriety. Like most bacterial STD's, Gonorrhoea steadily increased in prevalence alongwith civilization, with the earliest mentions of its existence dating back to the days of the Old Testament.... Continue Reading →

Syphilis: Straightening the Misconceptions

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. In India, there are about a million cases each year. Syphilis is treatable and resolves within a few weeks under proper treatment. However, if left untreated, it can progress to a more harmful stage.   A Brief History: As Girolamo Frocastoro dictated parable in 1530, the... Continue Reading →

STDs are better when dialed

Candidiasis According to a survey by the Mayo Clinic, a startling 3 out of 4 women experience some grade of vaginal candidiasis. Although vaginal candidiasis is not generally considered a sexually transmitted infection, it can still be transmitted through sexual contact. The Candida genus of yeast is normally found in the vagina and is the... Continue Reading →

The Legacy of a National Holiday

We Indians are a very “Happy-go-Lucky” people. Put some ‘ghee’ in our food, and some ginger in our tea, and we’re content. Yet, two things make almost every Indian’s blood boil. First, losing a cricket match to Pakistan, and second, when a national holiday falls on the weekend. Lucky for us, the 68th Republic Day... Continue Reading →


  2016 has had its fair share of ups and downs. Isn't that how life is? But it does not do to dwell on the sadness, and forget how to live, does it? Happiness exists in the narrowest of crevices - all we need is to be able to see it. Putting it this way:... Continue Reading →

The Year That Was

­­­­­ Kudos to you if you are reading this, you made it through 2016! As the cold, lifeless winter gales sweep across the northern hemisphere and freeze everything to be preserved until summer comes along, we take a good look at the eventful year that we leave behind.   Guns, Bombs, and The Ones Who Passed On... Continue Reading →

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