Rick and Morty : Gon’ Give it to Ya

Every once in a while, you come across a show that’s prepossessing, stimulating, and sensational all at once. Add to this an ounce of immature innuendos and quirky intergalactic weapons, and lubba dub-dub! You’ve got yourself one of the cheekiest sci-fi sitcoms of our generation. A favourite amongst most pseudo-intellectuals, this show chronicles the exploits... Continue Reading →

Sorabh Pant : A Night of Hilarity

“I’m not just a stand-up comedian. I’m also a world class model. Model for Doctor Batra’s.” Sorabh Pant was an absolute riot, leaving the audience in tears after his set. He left no stone unturned with jokes ranging from the sex life of mechanical engineers (or lack thereof) to declaring his massive respect and admiration... Continue Reading →

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