Secrets – Day Twenty Of NaPoWriMo

Hush. Hush. Hush. The winds bellowed amongst the trees. Her tone remained rather calm, as though she was reciting a prayer. Her eyes spoke a foreign language of fear and abandoned hope. She grasped my hand firmly with her cold clammy hands and held it tight against her chest. I tried to wrench my hand... Continue Reading →

Multitudes – Day Nineteen of NaPoWriMo

The S. S. Galactica set sail For a galaxy never heard of before, So obscure, everyone told me It was the product of An overactive imagination. That she would return, Weary and a failure. Nevertheless, the S. S. Galactica sailed, Bearing multitudes of enthusiastic crewmen, From all walks of life, And I, her proud commander.... Continue Reading →

Flyover-Day Eighteen of NaPoWriMo

My double shot soy latte has turned cold as I sit on this rusty handicapped bench. It’s a beautiful park with red earth and birds nesting all around me like opinionated men. I come here every year the night before my birthday to see this huge dynamic blindingly lit flyover. Two and a quarter miles... Continue Reading →

Sugar – Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo

I couldn't help but ponder, but dear ex-lover, do you have some time to spare? A piece of my father's philosophy, I'd like to share. He said, "Life is a balance of everything, just like the sugar and milk in your coffee, Too much of either can ruin it completely." Maybe that's what we were,... Continue Reading →

Silence- Day Fifteen Of NaPoWriMo

Scratches, bites, bruises and fights Painful screeches, emotional breaches While I lay there wed, not saying no, In his 'right' he presumed so- Mounam sammati lakshanam Downtrodden, depressed, outrightly oppressed Chastised, socially downsized, cast aside While the silence in their death, they couldn't interpret In their right, they presumed so- Mounam sammati lakshanam Fed up... Continue Reading →

Grapes— Day Fourteen of NaPoWriMo

They tussled and tossed their sweet selves away, Your intoxicated thirst was left unquenched You were frozen in place, held forever by their sway When you first encountered them, you just wanted to foray Towards those bitter grapes, in temptation drenched But they tussled and tossed their sweet selves away But once you'd had a... Continue Reading →

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