Saturn: The Litany of Mercy

i. The season of winter as it creeps up the palm of your hand, the season of birds as they fly into the moonlight, the glowing silver beneath your feet as the ice tendrils around your grassroot veins. You reach out to the stars and the ground pulls you into Continue Reading

Landing on Jupiter


Floating on a cloud of hydrogen and helium; so featherlight,
I’d gaze at the twilight sky turn into night.
Europa, Ganymede, Io, Titan, Sinope…
79 moons of Jupiter adorning the mystifying backdrop. 

778.5 million kilometres away from the Sun
I would lay curled up in a coat made of Continue Reading

Dear Celestial


Dear Celestial,
Or Earth, should I say?
Let’s not drown in formalities and new names;
Your old bud, Mars, misses you today.

I write to you, after so long I do
For I am aware of your plans and dreams;
I bow down to your ambition and discoveries.
Earth, Continue Reading

10×31 / syllabled Venusian / e-invitation

From: Planet Venus


To: All the Earthlings 


Subject: You are invited!   


Greetings! Dear earthlings, 

‘Tis  time I penned you my dream

to be colonized. 

But it’s quite disheartening—  

your ceaseless cold shouldering. 


I’m just a planet 

hoping to expand your home. 

But first things first—let’s 

set Continue Reading

Mercury’s Melancholy

My eyes besiege the eyesight of a stranger
Like waves meet at the great shore
Clinging from the precipice
He asks, “O smallest of them all”
Do you ever desire anything more?
He doesn’t mind my ashen face
Our distance being worlds apart
I said, “The enigma has long worn Continue Reading

Stairway to Heaven

His fingers strum my rustic strings
My core verberates into an ethereal melodic ring.
These soothing pastoral notes make me wonder
‘Bout my lady, swimming off into the money trail yonder.


I hear the soulful yearning in my melancholic A-minor,
It’s inviting her to the charming west, pervaded by Continue Reading

Words For My Knife

Let me take you through the lanes of a hype,
Mindless opinions and heartless words to type;
On topics heart wrenching and worse,
Intolerance to add some spice to the burns,
Burning a hole in several souls as they build a home of their own.

It begins with some striking … Continue Reading

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