The ICC World Cup 2019

Mohammed Shami felt a palpable sense of pressure around him as he stood to bowl the second delivery. Despite Afghanistan being heavy underdogs, Mohammed Nabi had smashed the first ball of the final over for a boundary, with 12 runs to score in 5 balls. The match could have gone in anyone's favour. However, it... Continue Reading →

KMC T20 Premier League

In a country that lives and breathes cricket, the passion for the sport transcends all differences and lets everyone enjoy the gentleman's game. This love for the game among the students of KMC Manipal gave rise to the formation of the KMC T20 Premier League, the second edition of which concluded on the Sunday of... Continue Reading →

KMC T20 Premiere League 2018: The Auction

The Twenty20 Cricket Leagues have been all the rage for over a decade now. When it comes to catching up with global trends, we, the student population of Manipal leave no path untrodden and no stones unturned. Lo and behold! The KMC T20 Premiere League which was conceptualized by the Sports Committee of KMC, is... Continue Reading →

Tensions Run High : Cricket Sledging through the Years

  Ah, cricket. From a British import at the hedge of pre-independent India to a full-fledged religion in the country, we've come a long way. Whether it's Javed Miandad’s hilarious antics or the legendary Monkeygate, there’s an arsenal of sledging incidents in this gentleman's game. Rumours, innuendos and internet trolls aside, India and Pakistan's history... Continue Reading →

MITCL Press Conference

Remember your mother shouting from a half open window two floors above the street, ordering you to stop playing in the torrential rain? Of course, to no avail because you really need that one last boundary (read: one more broken glass, or trashing the fruit seller’s cart) to win the game and take home some... Continue Reading →

Atulya Bharat: The India Quiz

Jo bhara nahin hai bhavon se, jisamen bahati rasadhar nahin. vah hriday nahin hai patthar hai, jisamen swadesh ka pyar nahin. -Maithili Sharan Gupt Can you name the Captain of Indian Cricket Team in the match where the opposing team has Russell as the Captain and Burton, Yardley, Smith, Brooks as some of the players?... Continue Reading →

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