Christmas Countdown: Christmas Inception

The season to be jolly is finally here. Fir and pine trees all around the world are laden with pretzels, candies and twinkling incandescent lights. Carrying an ebullient air about it, the ocassion has always been associated to the big red jovial man we fondly call Santa Claus. The streets are draped with bright lights... Continue Reading →

Insta-grand: Beyond filters and feeds

Brilliant, warm skies casting a special sunset glow right into the camera. Tap. A silhouette of two fingers that strangely signify peace held up against the same brilliant warm skies. Tap. A face staring out into the brilliant warm skies like it holds the secret to a life full of enough sleep and unlimited pizza.... Continue Reading →

Ginger Garlic – A Review

There are quite a lot of places in Manipal that provide savoury food for all of our culinary needs. But there are only a selected few restaurants here that serve more localised platters of seafood to satisfy our Konkan cravings. And Ginger Garlic, the newest addition to the Thamboolam Group located on the first floor... Continue Reading →

Farewell, E=MmmCake2!

For quite a while, the fact that E=MmmCake2 was closing down was the talk of the town. One heard it being mentioned in conversations of random Manipalites, as they made their way through the Food Court. Soon enough, when you observed a group of people talking animatedly with contorted looks of despair, you could guess... Continue Reading →

Riwaayat- Know Your Theme

Riwaayat ( روايت ), borrowed from the poetic language of Urdu, translates to tradition and customs which have always played a vital role in weaving the Indian cultural fabric. Being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, the components of the Indian culture range across etiquette, civilised communication, rituals, beliefs, values, etc. The feeling... Continue Reading →

Manipal Model WHO

In an era of Climate science denial, effectively balancing what is objectively true about the world with what people want to be true about the world is increasingly difficult. With a view of encouraging informed debates and discussions, Manipal-FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in Inter-professional Education (M-FIILIPE) organised the first ever Manipal Model WHO. The... Continue Reading →

Hasta Shilpa, The Heritage Village

“To see the things that bind us to our culture- music, art, dance, artifacts- we need to go to a theatre, an art gallery or a museum. Entwining it in our architecture makes us live it again; see it whenever we wish to.” – Vijayanath Shenoy Part 1/2 - The Heritage Village Nestled humbly in... Continue Reading →

A Look Back : 3 & Half Outsiders

If you said that the stand-up comedy scenario in Manipal was beginning to run a bit stale, we’d be forced to agree with you. 3 & Half Outsiders by Comedy Club Manipal, held on 25th January is a testament to the fact that stand-up wasn’t made for everyone. It started out pleasantly enough, as Harman... Continue Reading →

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