Hasta Shilpa, The Heritage Village

“To see the things that bind us to our culture- music, art, dance, artifacts- we need to go to a theatre, an art gallery or a museum. Entwining it in our architecture makes us live it again; see it whenever we wish to.” – Vijayanath Shenoy Part 1/2 - The Heritage Village Nestled humbly in... Continue Reading →

A Look Back : 3 & Half Outsiders

If you said that the stand-up comedy scenario in Manipal was beginning to run a bit stale, we’d be forced to agree with you. 3 & Half Outsiders by Comedy Club Manipal, held on 25th January is a testament to the fact that stand-up wasn’t made for everyone. It started out pleasantly enough, as Harman... Continue Reading →


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is a profound piece of music. It makes you sit back, pensive, to ponder life. It brings to the surface regrets you never knew you had, long-forgotten moments of fleeting happiness, and sadness you’ve refused to acknowledge. The music, ebbing and flowing, seems to flood over your psyche crashing into a sandcastle... Continue Reading →

BrandScan 2017

In this age of increasing consumerism and competition, any insight into the minds of the masses is immensely invaluable. And we all know that the masses are ever-hungry for some entertainment and fun. Put these two facts together, and you will arrive at the rationale behind BrandScan 2017. BrandScan, an annual market research fair conducted... Continue Reading →

OT: Euphoria

The Department of Occupational Therapy, SOAHS, conducted their annual fest, Euphoria, at KMC Greens, on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October. It was inaugurated by the Pro Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences, Dean of SOAHS, and the Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy, on the evening of 27th October. The purpose of the... Continue Reading →

A Light For Every Shadow

It’s that time of the year again when the streets are decked with a stream of lights, and the skies lit up in a multitude of sparkling lights while the air is filled with the sounds of a variety of crackers. Amidst the legion of glittering lights and echoes of revelry, a certain section of... Continue Reading →

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