An Open Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshers, You’ve probably been dreaming of college all your life, and it’s finally here! You must be insanely excited, maybe a little scared, even apprehensive? I know it must feel so strange, to be leaving home and having to call your own shots now. You’ll miss your old school, your friends, all the memories... Continue Reading →

MBA- How, Why and Where.

College is a roller coaster experience-- one that a major proportion of your personality bases itself on, that ties you to people you would eventually call your own; one that is extremely diverse and imperative in itself. College is the pathway to that extremely proud and overwhelming moment when your Graduation Letter is handed over... Continue Reading →


XAT is an aptitude test that helps you secure a seat in one of the esteemed B-Schools in India: XLRI. Here's everything you need, from tips and tricks, to the FAQs answered by one of our alumni who recently got into this B-School. Eligibility: The candidates should be graduates in any discipline from a recognized... Continue Reading →

What Matters in College: Part 3/5

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it This is true of Neelank Sachan, who is extremely passionate about Graphic Design. While he set out to study Engineering in Manipal, little did he know of the opportunities life would open up for him. Now with a job under... Continue Reading →

What Matters in College: Part 2/5

You've seen how Akshat  Singh(follow Part 1: ) made the struggle between classwork and passion a regular part of his college life. Here's Ipshitha Gupta's account on the various activities she indulged in, and how she manged academics just fine. Manipal successfully transformed her into the kind of person she always dreamt of being-... Continue Reading →

What Matters in College: Part 1/5

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. More often than not, we are born with extraordinary skills. Not all these skills involve being gifted with numbers, or having the ability to mug up a subject overnight. Sometimes, these might also come in the form of excellent skills in Marketing, Design, Communication, or... Continue Reading →

What Matters in College: Part 5/5

Here is the last of our series of articles on "What Matters in college". This one's about landing that amazing PPO while you're handling academics and a student club side by side. While president of IEEE, Raunak Manjani managed to also secure his future with a perfect PPO from Amazon. It was undoubtedly an excellent... Continue Reading →

How I Met Your College: Waking Up

Let’s start with the hardest thing you’re gonna have to do in college: wake up on a Monday morning. If there was ever something that shouldn’t happen once a week, it’s a Monday. It’s usually with a well-known screech (or vibration, if you’re into that sort of thing) that you awaken, your subconscious still awash... Continue Reading →

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