Invictus: Day Four

Invictus forged ahead with all the momentum it had gained in the last three days, which seemed to have passed by in a blur of fast-paced excitement. The fun and competition remained as exhilarating as ever. Dance Face Off The competitive spirit on the fourth day of Invictus at KMC Greens was surging at a... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Three

On its third day, Invictus jumped from strength to strength, pushing participants to demonstrate their talent and teamwork yet again. Instead of satisfying everyone's desire to see more, the array of events only succeeded in whetting appetites for the days to come.   Debate “Freedom is hammered on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate.”... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Two

The second day of Invictus saw both participants and organisers amping up both, the talent and adrenaline. The opening day of Vibes had gotten the ball rolling, and its successive day met everyone’s expectations. With a mix of literary and cultural events, everything the day had in store was met with anticipation and matched with... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day One

For the past few days, Manipal has seemed a little different. The food court was more packed than usual, and stalls had been set up in Greens. An astute observer would notice that there was a sudden increase in the number of people asking for directions around Manipal, and that there was an unmistakable buzz in... Continue Reading →

Verve: Day Three

Sunday morning saw a lot of late risers scramble out of bed early to catch the Street Play. They were well rewarded, for all three competing semesters put up a show that was talked about for the rest of the day. The second semesters kicked off the event with a piece on depression, and how... Continue Reading →

Verve: Day Two

Day 2 of Verve 2018 began in excellent style with the inter-batch Debate. With the topic of ‘Technology having a negative impact on the upbringing of children today’ given 24 hours in advance, the participants had enough time to rock the show. There were 6 teams with each team comprising of two contestants, one speaking... Continue Reading →

Verve: Day One

The first day of Verve 2018 kicked off with enthusiasm coloured with the spirit of Holi, and a theme of ardent 90's nostalgia to mark the last batch composed of those who saw that decade, no matter how fleetingly. Fittingly, the first event at hand was the 90's quiz, hosted by Sourabh Srinivasan and Abhay... Continue Reading →

Keli 2017

On the evening of October 21st, the much-awaited cultural event, Keli, attracted large crowds of Manipalites to the Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Hall. Keli was organized by the Kerala Committee of KMC, a bunch of enthusiastic miracle workers. While it was not conducted the previous year, yet, it was back in full fervor for 2017.... Continue Reading →

IGCLA: In Conversation with the Speakers

  We at MTTN had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with some of the estimable speakers at IGCLA 2017. Our conversations are chronicled below. Dr Vinamrita Singh is an Assistant Professor at AIACT&R, Delhi. MTTN: Your field of expertise is a highly specialised field with regular advancements, Could you tell us what made... Continue Reading →

IGCLA: Day Four

Sunday, October 24, marked the end of the Indo-German Conference of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA) 2017. Over the past 4 days, Manipal witnessed yet another spectacular conference, the IGCLA 2017, wherein multiple hands-on workshops were conducted to improve knowledge and create awareness about upcoming techniques in addition to the estimable speakers. After breakfast on the final... Continue Reading →

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