Forging Invictus – Design

Conveying a thousand words with a picture, despite being a hardened cliche, is seldom an easy task. Brochures need to spark excitement as much as they have to convey information, and posters and banners set a standard for the event, while helping create atmosphere. To find out how the Design team of Invictus pulled it... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus – Decor

With the second edition of Invictus having ended on a high note, we are treading on a journey to decode the secret behind the glam and glitz of this year's Invictus. We got in touch with the stage masters who designed and directed every nook and cranny of the Invictus arena, to document their efforts... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus – Sponsorships and Finance

A huge fest like Invictus could not have been overseen without the proper management and handling of the budgeting and resource allocation. So, in order to have a little insight into the economics of a behemoth like Invictus, read on for what Iruvantika Malik (Finance Secretary) and Reem Hunain (General Secretary) had to say about... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Three

On its third day, Invictus jumped from strength to strength, pushing participants to demonstrate their talent and teamwork yet again. Instead of satisfying everyone's desire to see more, the array of events only succeeded in whetting appetites for the days to come.   Debate “Freedom is hammered on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate.”... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day One

For the past few days, Manipal has seemed a little different. The food court was more packed than usual, and stalls had been set up in Greens. An astute observer would notice that there was a sudden increase in the number of people asking for directions around Manipal, and that there was an unmistakable buzz in... Continue Reading →

History of Manipal: Revels 1982

The First Glimpse Ever There was a foreign buzz to the air, a strange sense of excitement with underlying traces of apprehension, that could be easily mistaken for enthusiasm upon first glance. This hadn’t happened before. And I’m not talking about MIT celebrating its Silver Jubilee, because it would be slightly weird to have two... Continue Reading →

The Making of Invictus

The sceptic in 1953 would have looked at the barren fields of Manipal and expressed disappointment and helplessness over the future of a place which was in such an advanced state of decay. However, Dr. Tonse Madhava Ananth Pai was no sceptic. His prognostication of this desolate land has resulted in generations trickling down through... Continue Reading →

Sportzquake 2017

From 18th to 22nd of March, 2017, the varied fields of Manipal played host to the charity games of Sportzquake. Organized by the Social Welfare Committee of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Sportzquake channeled the surging adrenaline of athletic endeavors into the best of causes. This year, the events showcased included diverse sports ranging from cricket... Continue Reading →

To Revel or Not to

An unassuming first-year enters college in blissful ignorance of the formidable world of 'adulting' and 'finance' that awaits them. They've been counseled by every uncle's neighbour's dog and their mother to account for every single expenditure with a full-fledged thesis and four additional clauses on why it was a quintessential case of poor investment. "Handle... Continue Reading →

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