The Raging Inferno across the Amazon

What went down? At mid-afternoon of the 20th of August, the skies of São Paulo, a city 1700 miles away from the forest, randomly turned pitch-black. The sun was completely obscured by ash and smoke. As giant plumes of smoke arose from the greenery, a harsh truth slowly took shape. More than 70,000 forest fires have... Continue Reading →

Dearest Sri Lanka – an Ode

  Dearest Sri Lanka, Hi, I’m a girl – just like your many daughters, I’m a student – just like your many children. I don’t stay within your beautiful boundaries, marked by the oceans that run past my vision. I don’t eat the food you relish after long days away from home. I don’t understand... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Standing – Notre Dame

  Imagine a light entering through heavily tinted rose windows, seeping in like a soft wave, subtle yet so holy; bringing mighty a peace to all who trod their way through.   A large buttress overhead, room enchanting just like a fairy-tale, created in an era where such was unheard of, breaking through every barrier... Continue Reading →

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