‘Zza Bar- a ‘view

Disclaimer: This article has been sponsored by 'Zza Bar but is in no way influences the author's review. To dine at ‘Zza bar, you have to know of its existence. Tucked in a corner of Agumbe Highway, this little slice of heaven can easily go unnoticed. However, if you’re lucky enough to notice it, congratulations... Continue Reading →

Flavours From Afar: A CoastAsia Review

Disclaimer: The article has been sponsored by CoastAsia but in no way affects the authors’ review.      If you are looking for a cosy spot near campus where you can sit back and enjoy some authentic Asian food, you must most definitely visit CoastAsia in Manipal. Famous for their Indian cuisine and seafood, the restaurant... Continue Reading →

New in Town: Belgian Waffles Co.

Apart from being the setting for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and their fancy glassware, the only other reason most of us know about Belgium is for their waffles. Having taken the country by storm in the past couple of years, Belgian Waffles Co. has now opened its doors in Manipal. We recently ventured out for a... Continue Reading →

Sated at Chef Plated

Away from the rush of the main street leading to Parkala from Manipal, situated in a little detour, is Chef Plated. At first glance, it appears rustic and unassuming with simple furniture and elegant wood décor, distinctive of a bistro café, a striking contrast to the flamboyant facades of a number of restaurants in town.... Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past-90s paradise!

The Welcome group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, on the 12th of April 2018 hosted one of their popular, mouth-watering food fests themed, ‘BLAST FROM THE PAST -90’S PARADISE’.  “ You don’t get to experience the 90’s anymore. Be it the shows or the food. So we just wanted to bring some of the old... Continue Reading →

Ginger Garlic – A Review

There are quite a lot of places in Manipal that provide savoury food for all of our culinary needs. But there are only a selected few restaurants here that serve more localised platters of seafood to satisfy our Konkan cravings. And Ginger Garlic, the newest addition to the Thamboolam Group located on the first floor... Continue Reading →

Coast Asia: The restaurant in town!

The town of Manipal is dotted with tiny food-joints that offer an assortment of cuisines from all around the country. These places cater to the palates of thousands of students studying here, far away from home. While it's true that most of them are inclined towards the ever growing culture of fast food and swarm... Continue Reading →

Mandala – Striking A Balance

Life is a radial balance between order and chaos, between loud and delicate. The tasks we perform each day bring us a step closer to attaining that perfect serenity and nothing gives us more joy than knowing that the universe too is working in unison with us. We know this by observing the little things... Continue Reading →

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