Before You Ask: Freshers’ FAQs

Q.1) When should I arrive for my orientation? Is it necessary for parents to come along? Ans. Arriving a day before the date allotted to you, according to your branch would give you sufficient time to prepare for the formalities before you attend the orientation. While it is not necessary for your parents to come... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshers, You’ve probably been dreaming of college all your life, and it’s finally here! You must be insanely excited, maybe a little scared, even apprehensive? I know it must feel so strange, to be leaving home and having to call your own shots now. You’ll miss your old school, your friends, all the memories... Continue Reading →

Know Your Engineering: Manipal Institute of Technology

With 1.5 million engineering graduates from India every year, where you pursue your B.Tech degree really matters. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal (MIT) is currently ranked in the top 5 private colleges in India, being 39th among all engineering institutions in India. Given that a majority of students get into engineering rather reluctantly and the interested... Continue Reading →

Begin Again: The Manipal Project

  I'm the rain which breaks you I'm the rain that wakes you I'm the thunder in the city's drains I'm twelve miles of running beyond the callous state of pain. I'm the morning hooter that goes off at eight I'm the spilled tea on a butter smeared plate I'm the sound of footsteps in... Continue Reading →

India Rides : Time for a Monsoon Adventure

Looking for adventure in the first weekend​ of this semester? This monsoon, India Rides assures us that it's raining exciting offers. On Sunday, the 30th of July, IndiaRides is organizing an exclusive ride for the Freshers' batch of 2021 from 2-7:30pm. Charges for a single seater : ₹150 Charges for a double seater : ₹200 This... Continue Reading →


Course: Socialising 101 Course duration: Anywhere between 20 minutes – forever Course objective: To make you adept at being able to talk about anything, from the versatility of potatoes to whether life is possible on Jupiter's moon, Europa.   Remember how simple it was back in the day, when you could just indulge in a... Continue Reading →

A-Z of Manipal

Home to around 25,000 students, Manipal is a suburb, and has come to be known as a campus town. This place has left an indelible mark in the hearts of each and every student that has come and gone. Most specifically, it has left 26 words for the lot to never forget– one for every... Continue Reading →

Why Manipal?

As the board exams and entrance exam results are released, there is only one thing every ex-12th grader is thinking about: “Which college should I join?” If you’re wondering whether Manipal should be on your list of colleges to consider, this article will hopefully answer the questions that are probably on your mind right now.... Continue Reading →

Beyond FC: The Lazy Eater’s Guide

In Manipal’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, we celebrate our diversity and differences of opinion. However, if there’s one thing we Manipalites will unanimously take immense pride in, it’s our eateries. There’s something for everyone, and once you find what suits your taste buds, Manipal shall be ingrained in your food-loving heart for days to come. Few university... Continue Reading →

What is Manipal?

Manipal: of thunderous showers, extensive dry spells, and memories to treasure for a lifetime. And everything in between. Here, you’ll get lost and find yourself in ways you never thought you could. You’ll learn the value of time, money, and umbrellas. In this town, one can develop the unlikeliest yet sturdiest friendships, and yet learn... Continue Reading →

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