A to Z – of Manipal

Home to around 40,000 students, Manipal has carved a world with itself. From unforgettable memories to first experiences, this place has souvenirs to cherish for a lifetime. Leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of each and every student that has come and gone, this place witnessed kids metamorphose into adults. Here are the 26... Continue Reading →

Picky Eatings

As an incurably indecisive person, there’s one question that irks me more than any other, and I get asked it every single night; “Where would you like to eat?” By my calculations, I thought it would be easy enough to answer, as I walked into college with a belief that finding a place where a... Continue Reading →

The Acronyms of Manipal

Manipal isn’t a big city, but our campus is spread over 230 acres of land and each part has its own unique parlance. With so many colleges, organizations and landmarks, names can get mixed up. So instead of memorizing the names, we choose to know the acronyms and abbreviations instead. Now, for a newcomer they... Continue Reading →

The Dega-Dega Chronicles

You are either familiar with the sounds of the two weird hyphenated words in the title, or are juvenile in the world of the nocturne. When the midnight hunger pangs are brutal, especially if your fridge is as empty as streets at night; when you are agitated, your stomach is growling, your head is howling;... Continue Reading →

Muddling up Manipal

The transition from school to college is quite a surreal experience. Naturally, questions abound, especially about the place where you intend to spend, what will assuredly be labeled the 'Nostalgia Center' of your memories. Information is scraped and scrounged, and it’s often like propping open pearl oysters - sometimes you strike gold, but it is... Continue Reading →

From ‘My’ Space to ‘Our’ Space

Coming to college, the first big challenge most people face is having to share a room with a stranger. While for some, this is an exciting proposition, others find this to be like living their worst nightmare! Generally there are two extreme scenarios that are commonly seen before one actually starts living in a shared... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Eateries in Manipal

New to Manipal and hungry? Still hungover from those home-food memories? Think finding good food in Manipal is like searching for a needle in a haystack? For all you freshers and not-so-freshers lamenting with eternal hunger, here's a guide to different bistros in Manipal, and the different foods one can avail at these places:  ... Continue Reading →

What You’ll Need in Manipal

You’ve probably seen it in the movies. ‘The day’ arrives and your teary-eyed family bids you farewell as you drive away to your new home - to college. What the movies don’t show you, are the days of scrambling, packing and last minute shopping that go into deciding your college essentials. The bravest of freshmen... Continue Reading →

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