Be A Black Hole— Pack Light

Gone are the days where your parents are freely available at your disposal to tend to your everyday needs— where your mom lies about the time in order to wake you up and get you ready for school. Welcome to grade 13, welcome to college. You need to fend for yourself here. Or you know,... Continue Reading →

MET 2018 : What To Do Next

Congratulations! The toughest battle has been won, all the examinations are over. All the drama of two years (or more) at FIITJEE, of those countless concepts of Physics, and those reactions of Chemistry, it’s all done for now. But wait, selecting the right college is also a crucial and tough decision, and it’s time for... Continue Reading →

Beyond FC: The Lazy Eater’s Guide

In Manipal’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, we celebrate our diversity and differences of opinion. However, if there’s one thing we Manipalites will unanimously take immense pride in, it’s our eateries. There’s something for everyone, and once you find what suits your taste buds, Manipal shall be ingrained in your food-loving heart for days to come. Few university... Continue Reading →

First Year Survival Guide

What is life, if not a Skyrim-esque role playing game with tonnes of side quests, shiny collectibles, and upgradable skills? As an incoming first-year student, you have been training for this moment in an 18-year long tutorial. You're in for a treat because what ensues is another, even arduous 4-year long tutorial, which the developers... Continue Reading →

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Money Management

For most of you, college is a chance to start over—an escape from high school drama, parental control and a chance to be a different person. This newfound freedom often puts many in a tight spot money wise—you’re loaded on the first of every month and a few samosas later, you don’t know where all the... Continue Reading →

20 Teams, 7 Minutes, 1 Winner.

Picture this: You love your first-year section. They’re your first set of friends in MIT, and you would do anything to prove your section’s superiority over the other. Yet, when the time comes for the inter-section football and basketball tournaments, you don’t participate. Why? Because you’re so out of shape that even the walk from... Continue Reading →

Engineers Without Borders

On the 24th September, the Manipal Chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) held a talk in association with EWB Bangalore. The speakers were DRDO Scientists, Mr Dillibabu and Mr Manjunath. The event started with a few words from the Director of MIT, Dr Gopalakrishna Prabhu. Then the guest speakers took over and talked about the... Continue Reading →

Nights in a Hostel: A First Look

We have all faced the fear of living away from home. And spending nights without our beloved bed is something that is bound to be hard to digest. Will I be able to sleep properly? How would I adjust in a hostel? Will the pillow be too lumpy? How will I sleep without counting the... Continue Reading →

How I Met Your College: Clubs

The period immediately after the interaction ban lifts can feel like a continuous game of Pokemon. All the clubs look so shiny and you just gotta catch 'em all. But before you start throwing your Pokeballs at clubs, hoping to dazzle them with your skills, remember that there is limited space in your bag. It's... Continue Reading →

The Manipal Shopping Guide

Many of the people coming from metropolitan areas and cities may be under the classic, spurious impression that Manipal is a remote and obsolete town lacking even the most basic necessities. Fret not, this town is not really situated in the wilderness - it is an educational city which caters to a large student body.... Continue Reading →

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