Before You Ask: Freshers’ FAQs

Q.1) When should I arrive for my orientation? Is it necessary for parents to come along? Ans. Arriving a day before the date allotted to you, according to your branch would give you sufficient time to prepare for the formalities before you attend the orientation. While it is not necessary for your parents to come... Continue Reading →

The Acronyms of Manipal

Manipal isn’t a big city, but our campus is spread over 230 acres of land and each part has its own unique parlance. With so many colleges, organizations and landmarks, names can get mixed up. So instead of memorizing the names, we choose to know the acronyms and abbreviations instead. Now, for a newcomer they... Continue Reading →

Litstock: Creative Writing

When conventional thought patterns break, creativity is born; and any literary fest without a creative writing event is undoubtedly incomplete. Litstock, LDQ’s biggest annual literary event, invited freshmen on 25th October to paint sheets of paper with out-of-the-box scenarios and take part in impromptu creative writing. The event was split into two rounds. The first one... Continue Reading →

Freshers’ Guide to Hostels (Boys)

MIT Hostels: your home away from home. When it comes to living in a college hostel, there can only be two kinds of people: those who love it, and those who have never lived in one. So as a first year it becomes very important to fully know your place of accommodation before you choose it,... Continue Reading →

Story of a Naïve Girl

She had grown up with all these fantasies about coming to college. When she walked into the campus, its enormity had mesmerized her. She vividly remembers coming online ever so often only to post pictures of the huge college buildings, the beautiful food court, and her hostel room. She remembered the jealousy it drew from her friends-the... Continue Reading →

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