The ICC World Cup 2019

Mohammed Shami felt a palpable sense of pressure around him as he stood to bowl the second delivery. Despite Afghanistan being heavy underdogs, Mohammed Nabi had smashed the first ball of the final over for a boundary, with 12 runs to score in 5 balls. The match could have gone in anyone's favour. However, it... Continue Reading →

Apps that Power Manipal

During the semester there will be many things to keep track of such as one’s course timetable, classes, finances and attendance. Soon you’ll realise that your phone alone is your true buddy, and you need to arm it with the most useful and interesting apps you can get. You are bound to find an independent... Continue Reading →

Why Video Games Are Good For You

To the uninitiated, video games may seem like a blatant waste of time and money. But for those of us who grew up with them, video games represent so much more. They represent those precious moments of our childhood that we spent being magically teleported into the game world, completely free of homework and school... Continue Reading →

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