SOAHS Sports Day

Billie Jean King once said, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life." Thus, in this spirit of sports, The School of Allied Health Sciences celebrated their Annual Sports- Awards and Prize Distribution Ceremony at... Continue Reading →

Lost in Transition: The Mystery of Romance

Throughout the ages, a narrative that never got old, never disappointed and never failed to leave an impact, was romance. Yet amidst all of those clichéd stories often retold, reenacted, and relived, are stories that spark the fiery and extremely complicated emotion of love. A story that aims to unravel a unique bond; powerful yet... Continue Reading →

Papyrus winning entry# 1 – Prose

Shreshta Bhat is a writer for the Editorial Board and a student of Computers and Communication. She can usually be found scribbling scrappy poems in her math notebook when she's too bored in class. Possessed with a healthy obsession with the macabre, she spends her free time pursuing stories that nobody else looks for, endlessly... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Depression

  “How can you be depressed when you have such a great life?” is like asking “How can you have asthma when there is air everywhere?” - Anonymous One day your seemingly normal self looks at itself in the mirror and fails to recognize the reflection. That day, your thoughts echo louder than your tears.... Continue Reading →

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