DIY: Diwali It Yourself!

The festival of lights dawns upon us, bringing with it soaring spirits, sparkles and an irresistible urge to decorate. Niyati Jain, Deepshika Arora and Pragya Bhatt from Artefact, bring us a beautiful DiY wall-hanging-cum-diya-holder to brighten up our rooms this Diwali. Things We'll Need: Medium-sized plastic bottles Scissors A sharp, pointy object (compass or forceps,... Continue Reading →

How do I get my hostel deposit back?

Expectations: Where’s the party tonight? Reality: Bhindi pau kilo, tomato ek kilo….   For some of us, the battle of convincing our parents to let us move out of the hostels and into an apartment closely resembles the struggles our ancestors went through to achieve freedom and independence for our country. Those who emerge victorious... Continue Reading →

MET 2018 : What To Do Next

Congratulations! The toughest battle has been won, all the examinations are over. All the drama of two years (or more) at FIITJEE, of those countless concepts of Physics, and those reactions of Chemistry, it’s all done for now. But wait, selecting the right college is also a crucial and tough decision, and it’s time for... Continue Reading →

First Year Survival Guide

What is life, if not a Skyrim-esque role playing game with tonnes of side quests, shiny collectibles, and upgradable skills? As an incoming first-year student, you have been training for this moment in an 18-year long tutorial. You're in for a treat because what ensues is another, even arduous 4-year long tutorial, which the developers... Continue Reading →

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Money Management

For most of you, college is a chance to start over—an escape from high school drama, parental control and a chance to be a different person. This newfound freedom often puts many in a tight spot money wise—you’re loaded on the first of every month and a few samosas later, you don’t know where all the... Continue Reading →

Syphilis: Straightening the Misconceptions

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. In India, there are about a million cases each year. Syphilis is treatable and resolves within a few weeks under proper treatment. However, if left untreated, it can progress to a more harmful stage.   A Brief History: As Girolamo Frocastoro dictated parable in 1530, the... Continue Reading →

IndiaRides: An Interview

Weekends are not meant to be dull. They are meant to relax and refresh your body and mind. For many of us, weekends are also meant for exploring! Running away to Goa (tourist) or Gokarna (traveller) is the first thing we plan for any upcoming long weekend. But as the day approaches, our destination changes... Continue Reading →

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