A Guide to Eateries in Manipal

New to Manipal and hungry? Still hungover from those home-food memories? Think finding good food in Manipal is like searching for a needle in a haystack? For all you freshers and not-so-freshers lamenting with eternal hunger, here's a guide to different bistros in Manipal, and the different foods one can avail at these places:  ... Continue Reading →

Nights in a Hostel: A First Look

We have all faced the fear of living away from home. And spending nights without our beloved bed is something that is bound to be hard to digest. Will I be able to sleep properly? How would I adjust in a hostel? Will the pillow be too lumpy? How will I sleep without counting the... Continue Reading →

The Manipal Shopping Guide

Many of the people coming from metropolitan areas and cities may be under the classic, spurious impression that Manipal is a remote and obsolete town lacking even the most basic necessities. Fret not, this town is not really situated in the wilderness - it is an educational city which caters to a large student body.... Continue Reading →

The Manipal Directory

We believe that every city, every town and every village that we live in should be explored to its last square meter, its facilities used judiciously to sustain the local economy, and the region's delicacies be consumed with gusto. The Manipal Directory is something that was born out of that ideal, as a service by the... Continue Reading →

All about ION WiFi in Manipal

One of the best things about Manipal is the ubiquitous availability of WiFi wherever you go. But there's a caveat, the pervasiveness of ION doesn't come uniformly, and there's a fluctuation in its services over time and in different areas. That's why this article exists, as a guide to getting the most out of your... Continue Reading →

The Clubs of MIT: Non-Technical

Engineering isn't even half of all that happens in an engineering college. If you want to forget the technical world and explore your other passions, be they art, drama, music, dance or something more exotic, MIT has you covered. There are numerous non-technical clubs in the college that will help you keep your soul happy.... Continue Reading →

The Clubs of MIT: Technical

Engineering shouldn't be limited to the classroom, and those with a passion to learn can do so best with the right support and company. In Manipal, the various technical clubs provide avenues for engineering students to go beyond classroom lectures and truly explore what engineering, their branch or a different one, means to them. IEEE... Continue Reading →

The Clubs of MIT: Technical Teams

Just outside the KC gate is a compound that houses an unassuming cluster of buildings that most people pass by without a second glance. Yet, every evening from the time classes end until late into the night, some of the most intelligent, talented, dedicated and passionate students of MIT gather here to accomplish feats of... Continue Reading →

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