Changing Webscapes – WebAssembly

Ever had a dialogue box pop up and ask you whether you were sure about leaving a webpage? Or had a like button light up after you click on it? If you were born a decade or two ago you would have instead been greeted by non-interactive web pages with static images, text and hyperlinks... Continue Reading →

Project Ara- Inside the Dream

September 10, 2013, was a pretty remarkable day. Apple enthusiasts might recall Tim Cook unveiling the iPhone 5S before the world; the device which introduced 'Touch ID', making fingerprint sensors on mobile phones a mainstream feature. But it is also a special date for another important announcement, albeit one that did not capture the public’s... Continue Reading →

The Human Cell Atlas

"If the Human Genome Project was the part list of how to make a human, the Human Cell Atlas is how to put that together to make a functioning organism." -Dr Shalin Naik, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. The cell is the core and the basic unit of the human body; it is a key... Continue Reading →

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