MMMC Blood donation drive

Humans owe the grandeur of their existence to the courtesy of how the society has flourished till date. Sure,it has it’s drawbacks but it is the root cause that has made us grow and progress as a species. One of the best ways to give back to society is thus by charitable acts. Melaka Manipal... Continue Reading →

ADHD – A Definitive Case of Hopeless Dysfunction

Bob is supposed to write an article on ADHD. He switches on his laptop and stares at the screen as the little circle rotates, signifying that it’s booting up. Bob has a relatively quick computer. It boots up in less than thirty seconds. Let’s take a peek into Bob’s head during the boot-up sequence.

Depression: Slipping Into The Darkness

  “I’ve always considered myself to be a strong person, so overcoming depression shouldn’t have been a big deal to me. However, when I actually went through it, I miraculously transformed into the helpless shell of the person I once used to be. I noticed a sudden decline in my appetite, and I would feel... Continue Reading →


When sunlight becomes a luxury and Facebook is flooded with pictures of lightning bolts and sheets of dark clouds, every student at Manipal knows that the monsoon is setting in. Along with the relief from the summer heat, the monsoons bring with it a much darker aspect. It provides the perfect breeding ground for a number... Continue Reading →

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you one of those people who hammer away at their desk the whole day, are inseparable from your laptop or are pretty much tech savvy? Well, my dear friend, keep your ears open…. The warning bells may sound anytime for you. Confused? If “YES” then you need to pay great attention to what’s written... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Antibiotics

Down with an annoying infection again? Sleeping down the fever and diarrhea? Well, must ask a friend to run to the nearest chemists’ and grab you some antibiotics, right? Wrong. Antibiotics can be dangerous if taken indiscriminately. They can have repercussions. Not just on your health, but for the entire humankind - because, thousands of... Continue Reading →

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