Queer-osity : The History of Being Different

  In 2019, modern India is celebrating pride with her head held a little higher, especially since the previous year saw such massive progress in the fight for equality. However, a majority of our usually conservative society is still trying to wrap their heads around the movement and the change it brings with it. Ancient... Continue Reading →

History of Manipal : Of Myths and Memoirs

Manipal - a term that binds about 28,000 millennials together in an intensively humid cocoon, a term that causes us all to swell with pride at its very mention, even years from now when it's nothing more than a town located in Udupi district in Karnataka, India.  A supremely beautiful town, eternally rain-drenched, with the... Continue Reading →

Dastaan: From Revel to Revels

Every year scores of students participate in the sports and cultural competitions taking place at MIT Manipal. The plethora of activities are met with an unmatched aura of energy and gusto. An empty quadrangle transforms into the central hub for this convocation which is known to all as Revels. Within these four days, it feels... Continue Reading →

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