Most of my Sunday mornings are spent thinking about home. There is a certain weather which one can associate with a lazy Sunday. My dad spends his day tending to the house, beginning with the hall, and ending with the balconies, with me as his sincere assistant. The first half of my mum's day is... Continue Reading →

From ‘My’ Space to ‘Our’ Space

Coming to college, the first big challenge most people face is having to share a room with a stranger. While for some, this is an exciting proposition, others find this to be like living their worst nightmare! Generally there are two extreme scenarios that are commonly seen before one actually starts living in a shared... Continue Reading →

A home away from home

  It’s just been over six weeks since I left my family and home to move into a hostel. I've known that I would be studying at Manipal University for the past four months but my feelings about leaving home to do so have changed radically through these days. The first few months were consumed... Continue Reading →

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