Nights in a Hostel: A First Look

We have all faced the fear of living away from home. And spending nights without our beloved bed is something that is bound to be hard to digest. Will I be able to sleep properly? How would I adjust in a hostel? Will the pillow be too lumpy? How will I sleep without counting the... Continue Reading →

How to use Spotify in India

With exams right around the corner, it’s nice to have some music to listen to while you slog away at your study table. Some of us like to listen to familiar tunes while others prefer to discover. Some want heavy electronic beats while others simply demand soothing instrumentals. Whatever your cravings are, there’s one service... Continue Reading →

Birthday Partying in a Hostel

Subtract three hundred and sixty four mundane days from your average mundane year. A remainder of twenty four hours are those which you wait for all those mundane eight thousand seven hundred and thirty six hours. I reckon the overuse of 'mundane' and some delirious math will help you see through. Yes, it's your birthday!... Continue Reading →

12 AM: Time to eat or sleep?

The doors shut close at 12 and now it’s a five and a half hours’ battle with oneself before one can be outside again, run around and live the free life that was promised at Manipal. My eyes feel like red balls of fire, I finally look up from my books and notice the time... Continue Reading →

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