Hues 12: Day 6

Rangoli The halls of CBS never looked as colourful as they did during the rangoli event. Every colour and shade graced the halls as the students created designs and scenes heavily influenced by the Indian culture. Participants had 60 minutes to create a rangoli design using freehand in a 4 by 4 (foot) square without... Continue Reading →

Hues 12: Day 5

Painting: The room buzzed the excitement as students entered the Oral Pathology Dept. armed with their paintbrushes and palettes alongside an assortment of colors. In just 90 minutes, each student was tasked with painting on a topic of their choice with water or water-based colors. The initial buzz slowly died down as each individual frowned with... Continue Reading →

Hues 12: Day four

English Debate At 9 AM, participants gathered at CBS to debate on the topic 'Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in India at the earliest'. The competition was judged by Dr.Karthik(Department of Prosthodontics) and Dr.Arun (Department of Orthodontics). Teams of two participated in the competition, with each speaker getting 5 minutes to put across their... Continue Reading →

Hues 12: Day 3

Classical Dance Solo: The third day of the celebrations at the amphitheater started on a pleasant note of solo classical dance performances. Although only two slots performed, the light they threw on the classical heritage of the land was highly commendable. The first performance was a Bharatanatyam rendition to Shri Dayananda Saraswati's famous 'Bho Shambo'. The performance seemed coincidentally... Continue Reading →

Hues 12: Day 2

Hindi/English Poetry: Expectations were high as students assembled in LH 3 and LH 4 or the first event of the day, Poetry Writing in Hindi/English. Topics of Hindi poetry writing were 'Desh hit', 'Jeevan', and 'Bachpan' while English participants were assigned the topics: 'Relationship', 'Rainbow' and 'Best Friend'. Students were given a time slot 60 minutes... Continue Reading →

Hues 12: Day 1

Inauguration Ceremony: Manipal College of Dental Sciences kicked off its college fest, HUES, with a beautiful and well planned inauguration ceremony that began as all auspicious occasions do: the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Dean Dr. Keerthilatha Pai, Associate Dean Dr. G Subraya Bhat, staff event coordinator Dr. Rashmi Nayak and cultural event coordinators... Continue Reading →


I have trudged past the deliberate cold, now to venture into kingdoms of gold and purchase floral prints that our Heavenly Father reluctantly sold.and yet when I see the ashes from that bygone era portrayed as nothing but dust about to be swept away to give way for the next great inspiration,it acts as reminder... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 6 – The Magnificent End

Day 6 of Hues X was a definite crowd-puller with the most popular and entertaining events reserved. With events like Live Cooking, Duet Singing, and Fashion Show, Hues X ended on a grand note. Instrumentals The events for the day commenced with Instrumentals, a refreshing segment witnessed by a bunch of music enthusiasts and the judges... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 5 – The Penultimate Fiesta

The penultimate day of the tenth edition of Hues saw the creativity of MCODS at its peak. Events such as Rangoli and Painting brought out the creative side of all the participants, providing a visual retreat to eyes dulled by the travails of daily life. The floors of CBS welcomed students for the first event... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 4 – Gala Extravaganza

Halfway through Hues X, quite appropriately on a Sunday, everyone took a bit of a breather to kick off the day. Leisurely browsing through the rather choice games and enjoying a spot of mano y mano gameplay amongst the visitors and organisers alike bounced the mood beyond elation. Calming the mind served very well for... Continue Reading →

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