The Digital Economy of Advertising

The first link on a Google search, the start of a YouTube video, the next story on Instagram, What do they all have in common? – Advertisements.

Bitcoin may be the digital currency, but advertisements make the digital economy. Major companies that appear to provide their products free of cost. … Continue Reading

Grow Up, Not Rich

Social media are places to grow, discover and reinvent ourselves.

While the social media storm of Facebook has considerably slowed down, it has been replaced by more visual alternatives like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok ( and the like. But what was once a college-only platform has now effortlessly oozed itself … Continue Reading

Dawn of a New Era for Open Source

Microsoft has gone on an acquisition spree under Nadella in the recent past as it bought LinkedIn for X 2 years back and now GitHub for Y. Microsoft has taken several steps in the last few years to bridge gaps with Linux, what its former CEO Steve Balmer once called … Continue Reading

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