GPPed: An Interview With A Delegate, Mr. Desmond

Good Pharmacy Practice Education was hosted by the Student Exchange Committee of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in association with IPSF, MAPS, MAHE. The international conference witnessed delegates from various South Pacific countries like Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia including the chairperson of IPSF- Ms.Choi from South Korea. Amongst the several delegates who attended the four-day conference,... Continue Reading →

GPPed 2019: In conversation with the IPSF-APRO Chairperson, Choi YoonJung

MAHE Association of Pharmacy Students (MAPS) under Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences hosted the first ever Good Pharmacy Practice education conference from 2nd-5th March. This was hosted under the banner of the International Pharmaceutical Student Federation(IPSF). At present, MAPS is the only member representing India. Here we are in conversation with the Chairperson of IPSF Asia-Pacific... Continue Reading →

An interview with Dr. Farhat Mantoo

MTTN: What was your inspiration to be a part of Doctors Without Borders? Did you know about this organization and how did it all start? Dr. Mantoo: To be very honest it was not planned. At that time I was working as an active journalist. I had already worked in places like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Dr. Vivek Jawali

A pioneer in awake cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Vivek Jawali is a surgeon par excellence. MTTN had a chance to interview him during this IGCLA. How would you describe the first ever awake cardiothoracic surgery way back in 1999? A lot of planning had undergone before the surgery, so when it actually took place it was... Continue Reading →

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