In Conversation with Major Chandrakant Nair

It’s not every day that you come across a person who gave up a conventionally glorified profession to follow his passion. We, at MTTN, had the opportunity to interview Major Chandrakant Nair – an alumnus of AFMC Pune, who served in the Indian army for seven years before taking up quizzing as a full-time profession. Here... Continue Reading →

A Euphonious Evening with Jazz

The evening of 9th January, 2018 turned out to be an absolute delight for the jazz aficionados in Manipal as we welcomed the world-famous band, “Jazz Explorer Trio” amidst us. The trio consisted of the Danish saxophonist Lars Moller, guitarist Thor Madsen, and drummer Jonas Johansen. Hosted by the Cultural Coordination Committee of MAHE, in... Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Daniel Fernandes

At first glance, Daniel Fernandes may strike you as someone who's always chosen to walk off the beaten path. Not only did he embrace stand-up comedy with utmost skill and panache, but also ensured his brand of comedy always serves a purpose and sends out a message. At a closer look, one would discover Mr.... Continue Reading →

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