Invictus: Vibes Day Four | An Ending

The final day of Invictus was marked by a charged environment as the participants competed in each event with great zeal and energy. The Proshow held the previous night infused the participants and the organizers with a renewed joie de vivre. ELOCUTION The elocution competition at Invictus 2017 brought the best orators among us, together.... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus | Design and Decor

At the helm of the Vibes Decor Team is Simran Seth, who often jokes about getting occupational lung disease from the amount of glitter floating around. We managed to catch her along with Rachana and Aarthi, the Sports Committee decor in-charges, in an interview punctuated by a dozen people asking them for instructions. MTTN: Tell us a little... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus | General Organization

Amidst all the festivity, lights, action, athletic fervour and cultural extravaganza of a college fest, we often tend to forget the hard work, willpower and excruciating efforts of those who strive to make the event a success. The zeal and dedication of the crew behind the scenes is no less important than the glory brought... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Vibes Day Three

Almost reaching the penultimate day of the fest itself, Day Three of Vibes showed no signs of flagging, and instead upped the ante with a blazing display of bravura across the board. HINDI POETRY The Hindi Poetry competition was held in the Biochemistry Lecture Halls from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The participants were given... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Vibes Day Two

After a highly charged day one, day two of Vibes had a rocky start with the debate finals being cancelled due to a participant falling ill. The events on day two, however, did not fail to impress with the sheer amount of talent that each participant brought forward with them. Let us now take a sneak... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Vibes Day One

Vibes 2017 kicked off to a great start on the 26th of April, 2017. After a gap of nearly two years, Vibes made a return in KMC portals as part of Invictus, being organized by the Fine Arts Committee. Unlike previous years, Vibes '17 is an amalgamation of both literary and cultural events. The first... Continue Reading →

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