Asterion: Day 4

Compos Mentis: Compos Mentis is one of the most renowned forensic events in the quizzing circuit and this year took place on the final day of Asterion 2018. The quiz which over the years has come to be associated with the highest of standards was for the first time, made by the students and not... Continue Reading →

Asterion: Day 3

With the dawn of Day 3 of Asterion, the spirit of the participants was sky-high and the thrill of competition gripped everyone. The events of the day were EM Simulation, Trauma Management, Module Presentation, Fastest Brains First Finals and Treasure hunt. EM Simulation: The sun rose over the Health Sciences library to a full-house of participants... Continue Reading →

Asterion: Day 2

Here’s an Anatomy tidbit; on the side of the human skull, three squiggly lines - the bony sutures - intersect at a point named asterion.

Asterion: Day 1

Amidst the gloomy monsoons of Manipal, KMC brings forth Asterion, a vibrant academic fest spanning over 4 days from 23rd -26th August 2018. With a better than modest crowd for the first-ever academic fest of KMC, the T.M.A Pai Hall 3 was buzzing with energy as Dharini and Abhishek of KMC started off with a... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus – Design

Conveying a thousand words with a picture, despite being a hardened cliche, is seldom an easy task. Brochures need to spark excitement as much as they have to convey information, and posters and banners set a standard for the event, while helping create atmosphere. To find out how the Design team of Invictus pulled it... Continue Reading →

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