A Letter to Jane Austen

Dear Jane, I was thirteen when I was given my first copy of Pride and Prejudice. It was bent on the edges, and the pages had turned yellow with time.  What I had first thought would be just another period novel soon turned into an intrepid journey of a young woman battling against the hackneyed... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Ada Lovelace

Dear Ada Lovelace, I first saw your name in a corner of my computer science textbook, packed between the likes of Alan Turing and Bill Gates. I'd only just recognised my love for programming, but even then, seeing a woman's name amongst the many men piqued my interest. You may not have set off my... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Ma

The bond between a mother and child is something which is made up of pure love. Each relationship is unique and begins long before the child's birth. A mother is a friend, guide, and teacher. She is the only person in a child’s life who understands every problem faced by them, without even having to... Continue Reading →

When We Got Mail

One day after a lot of procrastination, I set to the daunting task of cleaning out my closet. After mustering the courage to shift around a few things I hadn’t touched in months, I inadvertently caused the contents of an entire shelf to come tumbling down. Several things were part of the wreckage: cobwebs, dust,... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Indian Parents

Dear parents, Expressing certain things verbally is not an easy task, particularly when it’s the heart talking. No, don’t worry. I’m not writing this letter to pour out the plights that plague my heart. Rather, I’m writing this for the millions of teenagers on the brink of adulthood, and the million other young adults already... Continue Reading →

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