You Too

  Your reticence hurts my ears, but not as much as it was hurting my heart. With the silence, I know you heard it. The many shards of my heart, sharp as glass, unappealing. As each day passed by, my hands reached for the pieces. They pierced my skin, as I desperately tried to place... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Ma

The bond between a mother and child is something which is made up of pure love. Each relationship is unique and begins long before the child's birth. A mother is a friend, guide, and teacher. She is the only person in a child’s life who understands every problem faced by them, without even having to... Continue Reading →


In a kingdom that has been ravaged by drought for years, a fire sacrifice is being carried out at the palace. But Lord Indra, the custodian of rains, isn't appeased. ‘Agni Varsha’, a tale from the epic Mahabharata, is based on the play ‘The fire and the rain’ by one of India's foremost playwrights, Girish... Continue Reading →

A Testament for a Better Tomorrow

The sun dips low in the sky, low over the water, Over the wet sand beneath my feet. The air is thick with the color of dying fire. Darkness descends, unhurried, a falling feather. If I were a poet, I'd say that I'm breathing in time with the breaking of the waves, That the ocean... Continue Reading →

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