The Manipal bug

Ever woken up with a ghastly rash on your body? You might have gotten a nighttime visit from the Manipal bug. No, it’s not the metaphor. It is the real deal. It’s a creepy crawly that goes by the name of Paederus melampus. What is it? Also known as rove beetles, these bugs are only... Continue Reading →

Swine flu for dummies

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a little boy named Bobby. Bobby was a naughty child, who disliked attending school. He would often come up with crafty ways to avoid getting sent to class. One Friday morning, he decided to play just such a trick to avoid his math test the... Continue Reading →

Spring Time Blues

Warm, whispering breezes driving away the cold of winter, lush green grasses and flowers blooming in every colour...ah, spring! Puffy face? Check. Running nose? Check. Violent sneezing spells loud enough to wake the dead? Check. Allergy: the herald of spring and depleter of tissue boxes. Described as a hypersensitivity reaction of the body to common... Continue Reading →

Wound Management

Cuts and burns are common occurrences in our daily lives. Yet, how many of us know the correct way to deal with them? The Manipal Health Digest is here to teach you what to do the next time you end up with burnt hand or a bleeding knee . It is yet another busy day in college.... Continue Reading →

Manipal’s Health Digest

Like any new idea it’s a little wobbly and not yet ready to walk. Last I heard, the engineers on the other side called it beta testing. But we hope that with time, it grows on you. Not unlike the infamous fungi of Manipal, but maybe a little more desirably. Every two weeks or so,... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Antibiotics

Down with an annoying infection again? Sleeping down the fever and diarrhea? Well, must ask a friend to run to the nearest chemists’ and grab you some antibiotics, right? Wrong. Antibiotics can be dangerous if taken indiscriminately. They can have repercussions. Not just on your health, but for the entire humankind - because, thousands of... Continue Reading →

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