An Open Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshers, You’ve probably been dreaming of college all your life, and it’s finally here! You must be insanely excited, maybe a little scared, even apprehensive? I know it must feel so strange, to be leaving home and having to call your own shots now. You’ll miss your old school, your friends, all the memories... Continue Reading →

Forging Invictus – General Organisation

Invictus 2018, the second edition of the intercollegiate fest conducted by the Student Council of KMC, Manipal, is done and dusted; it now exists only as an indelible experience in the memories of those who toiled for it, and those who enjoyed the fruits of their efforts – and it must be acknowledged – the... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Six

Invictus 2018 came to a magnificent end after a week filled with exhilaration and exhaustion. The host college's teams emerging as the overall champions certainly came as a sweet reward for all the hard work put in by the teams as well as the organizers. Sports Quiz  It isn’t necessary to be good at something... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Five

The penultimate day of the week-long fiesta allowed the participants as well as the organizers to take a bit of a breather with three entertaining events lined up.   Face Painting  Art is an outlet; a window to aesthetically express our imagination. The day kicked off to a colorful start with the face painting competition.... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Four

Invictus forged ahead with all the momentum it had gained in the last three days, which seemed to have passed by in a blur of fast-paced excitement. The fun and competition remained as exhilarating as ever. Dance Face Off The competitive spirit on the fourth day of Invictus at KMC Greens was surging at a... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Three

On its third day, Invictus jumped from strength to strength, pushing participants to demonstrate their talent and teamwork yet again. Instead of satisfying everyone's desire to see more, the array of events only succeeded in whetting appetites for the days to come.   Debate “Freedom is hammered on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate.”... Continue Reading →

Invictus: Day Two

The second day of Invictus saw both participants and organisers amping up both, the talent and adrenaline. The opening day of Vibes had gotten the ball rolling, and its successive day met everyone’s expectations. With a mix of literary and cultural events, everything the day had in store was met with anticipation and matched with... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Mr. Ajai Sharma

“Don’t be intimidated for people will intimidate you. But remember the world belongs to hard workers and not dreamers. You have no idea how proud I was when he sent me a mail saying he’s doing a book on Jeddah. And I said right then, this guy is going far. Because all the kids who... Continue Reading →

TEDx: Transcending Beyond the Normal

Why is it never enough for a man to merely exist? This is the very question The Think Tank, Manipal put forward to us all on Sunday, the 18th of February, with their independently organised TEDx event. Well, to quote Oliver Sacks, “To live on a day-to-day basis is insufficient for human beings; we need... Continue Reading →

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