Fantasy-Day Twenty Six of NaPoWriMo

sitting alone, my drink strong enough to prick tears from eyes strictly kept dry, all of a sudden tastes sickly sweet sweetened by memories troubling a drunken consciousness like water circling a drain white walls, grey in the waning sunlight the only sound to keep me company is your breathing and i like it this... Continue Reading →

Secrets – Day Twenty Of NaPoWriMo

Hush. Hush. Hush. The winds bellowed amongst the trees. Her tone remained rather calm, as though she was reciting a prayer. Her eyes spoke a foreign language of fear and abandoned hope. She grasped my hand firmly with her cold clammy hands and held it tight against her chest. I tried to wrench my hand... Continue Reading →

Flyover-Day Eighteen of NaPoWriMo

My double shot soy latte has turned cold as I sit on this rusty handicapped bench. It’s a beautiful park with red earth and birds nesting all around me like opinionated men. I come here every year the night before my birthday to see this huge dynamic blindingly lit flyover. Two and a quarter miles... Continue Reading →

Silence- Day Fifteen Of NaPoWriMo

Scratches, bites, bruises and fights Painful screeches, emotional breaches While I lay there wed, not saying no, In his 'right' he presumed so- Mounam sammati lakshanam Downtrodden, depressed, outrightly oppressed Chastised, socially downsized, cast aside While the silence in their death, they couldn't interpret In their right, they presumed so- Mounam sammati lakshanam Fed up... Continue Reading →

Tyranny – Day Ten of NaPoWriMo

He drinks angrily from his bottle until he can forget the smell. The smell of all the waste and filth born in this city of hell. As he sleeps that night, he dreams of a past full of dreams. Dreams that were shattered to pieces by society’s hostile screams. The next morning, he wakes up,... Continue Reading →

Home— Day Nine of NaPoWriMo

My dad smells of a lavender perfume which doesn’t belong to my mom. My mom reeks of menthols that I’ve been asking her to quit.   Dad’s not staying for the dinner, “urgent meeting” is his pretext. She smiles sadly, her eyes so dull, the door shuts, and silence befalls.   The lady dressed up... Continue Reading →

Night— Day Eight of NaPoWriMo

Its 10 pm and I’m wide awake, Its so early, for goodness’ sake. My family goes on and turns off the light, They plan on retiring for the night.   Its 11 pm and I call my friend, I’m exhausted as my work finds no end. We fill each other on everything that happened in... Continue Reading →

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