How do I get my hostel deposit back?

Expectations: Where’s the party tonight? Reality: Bhindi pau kilo, tomato ek kilo….   For some of us, the battle of convincing our parents to let us move out of the hostels and into an apartment closely resembles the struggles our ancestors went through to achieve freedom and independence for our country. Those who emerge victorious... Continue Reading →

Nights in a Hostel: A First Look

We have all faced the fear of living away from home. And spending nights without our beloved bed is something that is bound to be hard to digest. Will I be able to sleep properly? How would I adjust in a hostel? Will the pillow be too lumpy? How will I sleep without counting the... Continue Reading →

Freshers’ Guide to Hostels (Boys)

MIT Hostels: your home away from home. When it comes to living in a college hostel, there can only be two kinds of people: those who love it, and those who have never lived in one. So as a first year it becomes very important to fully know your place of accommodation before you choose it,... Continue Reading →

Freshers’ Guide to Hostels (Girls)

Hostels. That is a veritable question that comes into everyone’s heads. Even before you’ve embarked on your academic journey to become an engineer, you wish to know about the accommodation provided by the college, the comfort quotient, whether it’s worth your money and most importantly, if you’re ready to call it your second home. MTTN... Continue Reading →

Hostel Guide: The Boy’s Blocks

It's that time of the year again, when friendships  are reforged, alliances rewritten, pledges sworn and every second question is, " bhai GPA kitna hai?". No,we're not talking about placements. We're talking about the great MIT hostel rush. For centuries, mankind has relied on the power of  friendship and alliance to survive. Where money and power... Continue Reading →

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