To Gruber and To Snape

“Always”. Who would have imagined that one simple word could ever mean so much to millions of people all over the world? One word that would teach so many people what love is. Every single ‘witch’ and ‘wizard’ reading this will be able to understand who is being referred to here- Severus Snape. Today, 21... Continue Reading →

Astronomy Club Presents ‘October Sky’

20th October, 2016 The Astronomy Club has kept itself quite occupied this semester. On Wednesday, the 26th of October, 2016, the chairperson of the Astronomy Club, Ved Dubhashi conducted a movie screening from 5:45 to 7:30 at the AC-Seminar Hall. October Sky, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper amongst other Hollywood A-listers was a brilliant... Continue Reading →

Ghostbusters: A Review

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. This movie doesn’t just pass the Bechdel test, it soars through it like an Andhra boy from Chaitanya, Narayana and Kota attacking the JEE. It is the collective orgasm of every pop culture-related feminist fantasy.  It is the cumulative, screaming release of every article written by... Continue Reading →

BFG – Movie Review & Analysis

  “I is reading it hundreds of times, and I is still reading it and teaching new words to myself and how to write them. It is the most scrumdiddlyumptious story.' Sophie took the book out of his hand. 'Nicholas Nickleby,' she read aloud. 'By Dahl's Chickens'  - The BFG   With the combination of... Continue Reading →

Udta Punjab: Spoiler-free Review

“Drugs di maa di!” You already know what’s in store when a film arrives with a tagline such as that one. But what you probably didn’t know is that Abhishek Chaubey’s vivaciously spirited visualization of the fast-moving drug scene in Punjab is nothing short of an appalling masterpiece - one that does not shy away... Continue Reading →

Deadpool: The MTTN Review

With an opening credits sequence that insults every person who would be fawned over in a different movie, Deadpool confirms, right at the beginning, that it is exactly what it’s been sold as: A lesson in not taking yourself too seriously. If only the Indian censor board had paid more attention. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds)... Continue Reading →

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