Insta-grand: Beyond filters and feeds

Brilliant, warm skies casting a special sunset glow right into the camera. Tap. A silhouette of two fingers that strangely signify peace held up against the same brilliant warm skies. Tap. A face staring out into the brilliant warm skies like it holds the secret to a life full of enough sleep and unlimited pizza.... Continue Reading →

Of Stories Untold: Qissa

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story”- Maya Angelou Picture a cozy cottage, add a warm and friendly Labrador. Now add bulbs and fairy lights and the sound of the rain. Add to this a bunch of passionate storytellers and an eager crowd. What you get is a memorable night filled with... Continue Reading →

The De̶v̶i̶l̶ Worshippers

Satan is my new best friend. Not the Instagram best friend who keeps changing on a weekly basis. This is a Joebama friendship-bracelet-level friendship. You must think I’m slightly weird, if not totally, or that I’m trying to be all edgy and out of the box. But hear me out. If you believe in the... Continue Reading →

The Spark of DC Design

Car models are better than role models. - Dilip Chabbria, DC Design Loud as a roaring Avanti, the crowd erupted into cheers as Mr. Chhabria and his wife, Cherry, graced the auditorium with their presence. Organized by The Think Tank, A Fireside Chat with Dilip Chhabria was not just an informative insight into the mind of... Continue Reading →

MTTN Recruitment 2016

MTTN Recruitment 2016 Entry Form ManipalTheTalk Network is Manipal's largest student-run media organization with a team of over a hundred students from 8 colleges across Manipal. We wish to represent Manipal to the world; to connect people to the things that are happening around them. We try to make sure that the right information is... Continue Reading →

What You’ll Need in Manipal

You’ve probably seen it in the movies. ‘The day’ arrives and your teary-eyed family bids you farewell as you drive away to your new home - to college. What the movies don’t show you, are the days of scrambling, packing and last minute shopping that go into deciding your college essentials. The bravest of freshmen... Continue Reading →

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