Sultans of Swing: 40 years of Dire Straits

Consider a dimly lit tavern on the eastern fringes of Deptford, London, abounding in smells of spirit and stale introductory conversation. Up comes the manager, announcing the arrival of a rock band previously unheard of. Rock Garden has since hosted umpteen performances with some of the most established artists - the Pet Shop Boys, the... Continue Reading →

Music: On Repeat

Science has always been a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to the arts. It is never enough to simply appreciate a work of art for what it is, or whose it is, or when it was from or just how much effort went into its making. All of which are... Continue Reading →

An Interactive Session with Daira

One of India's leading progressive alternative rock bands, Daira were here to host an acoustic gig and conduct a music workshop at the Amphitheatre on the 23rd of March, 2017.   What would first strike you about this supremely ingenious ensemble is their novel technique of encompassing a host of genres. Perpetually experimenting with new... Continue Reading →

High Voltage

Music has, by and large, been an inherent part of Manipal's cultural fabric. Manipal University, by sheer virtue of being a blend of astronomically diverse cultures attracts talents of all sorts - some of them being in the general field of music too, resultantly. Music fests and other such cultural events provide a much needed... Continue Reading →

Bob Dylan – Life and Legacy

Born on 24 May, 1941 Robert Allen Zimmerman changed the face of country music. To put it more aptly, he became the face of folk music. He is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer. Though Zimmerman embarked on his musical journey on a different note, he realized that instead of the catch-phrases and pulse rhythms he... Continue Reading →

Ek Sureeli Shaam: Goonj’s Antakshari

Goonj, the first of its kind official Hindi club of Manipal, organised their biannual event, Antakshari, on the 8th of September (Thursday). Held in NLH 303 from 5:30 p.m., the event attracted a large number of people – as participants as well as audience. The registration for the event required paying a very minimal amount of... Continue Reading →

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