LDQ’s Slam Poetry – Snap if you like it!

“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful” 

– Rita Dove. 

Poetry is one of the highest forms of self expression. Every word that you jot down in the name of poetry drips with emotion. So why not recite it? Slam poetry gives those who are interested, the opportunity to present their pieces on a platform where others can relate, or at least understand. What’s more? Slam poetry is free verse; without any rhyme or rhythm. 

MIT’s Literary, Debate and Quiz (LDQ) club hosted a slam poetry competition as part of Litstock, their annual event exclusive to first years. This event is a new addition to Litstock, and took place on October 25 at AB5, LH308 for an hour from 7:30pm onwards. The participants were given 15 minutes to write down their pieces, although they were allowed to bring their pre-written work to perform in the case where people got intimidated and couldn’t think of what to write within the given timeframe. Participants were also allowed to present more than one piece for the event.

Each participant was given a maximum performance time of four minutes, within which they were expected to awe the audience and inspire emotions within them. 

The slam poetry tradition of the audience snapping their fingers whenever they connect or relate to the words of the performer was also followed. This was done to encourage the person on stage, and to let them know that the audience could, in fact, relate to what he or she was saying. Some lights had also been put up to set the mood for the performers. A few videos, as examples on how slam poetry was done, were screened during the event. 

“Slam poetry is a relatively new form that’s happening these days, especially after the success of the National Youth Poetry Slam (NYPS) competition in Bangalore. So we decided to introduce it to Litstock this year,“ said Sayani, Event Head of Slam Poetry. 

Aishwarya Sanjay for MTTN

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