Freshers’ Guide to MAHE: Life in the Department of Commerce (DOC)

Established in the year 2007, Department of Commerce celebrates the completion of 10 years with the graduating batch of 2018. Although DOC is comparatively much smaller to Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s bigger alternatives, the engineering (MIT) and medical (KMC) colleges, the past decade paints a vibrant picture of how this college has evolved into a prodigal 10-year-old linking to its many successful alumni placed in some of the most reputed corporate firms today.

This is a brief account of how Department of Commerce has created a niche amongst top management schools in India for a bachelor’s degree and what to expect as a student of this college.

Faculty and Staff

Dept. Of Commerce has an assortment of diverse faculty and staff well known for their commendable mentoring and amicable nature. All teaching faculty are highly qualified and experienced in their respective subjects. They often play more than just educationists- they’re also a philosopher, a mentor and a friend. Every fresher is allotted a “Teacher Guardian” (more commonly referred to as the ‘TG’) during the orientation program that happens during the beginning of the first semester. This TG takes on the role of a mentor-guardian of the student over his/her course of study in the college.

Guest Lectures are held at the department on a regular basis to enhance a student’s knowledge in the field by supporting them with wide-ranging insights and perspectives of experts. Besides this, all faculty highly encourage research and are always available to offer their expertise and assist students with the same.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Having the advantage of being a private institute, the college curriculum is unique and specially developed to give its students a holistic understanding of what it takes to manage and successfully run a business today. Department of Commerce, Manipal currently offers 14 varied courses across 4 degrees- B.Com, BBA, M.Com, and PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain, in the streams of Commerce, Banking, Management and Administration. Students are exposed to a curriculum that aims at acquiring early learning in a wide range of topics such as accounting principles, business economics, business law, financial management, marketing etc., with relevance to live corporate scenarios.

B.Com Professional is the ideal course developed to specifically suit students with the intention to pursue professional qualifications such as CA (Chartered Accountancy), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK), etc. The curriculum is embedded with globally recognised subjects of ACCA as part of the syllabus. Hence, any student who joins DOC’s B.Com (Professional) programme is not only eligible to enrol for ACCA but also enjoys exemptions for the first 6 papers of ACCA (F1 to F6) since the course has already incorporated these subjects into the curriculum. Additionally, “Centre for Advanced Learning in Finance and Accounting” of Dept. of Commerce provides additional coaching to the students on a need basis with separate tuition fees to enable them to prepare for these papers and to get ACCA certified.

A typical B.Com Professional student has the following course structure laid out over six semesters (source: Images/Documents/BCom%202017%20Scheme_Syllabus_F.pdf


BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration program emphasises the development of communications, networking, quantitative reasoning and business analysis skills, understanding business practices and processes, the role of economics in the world marketplace, and helps in acquiring an awareness of global business issues. The course gives prominence to shaping its students to best suit managerial and administrative roles.

People in the educational sector are popularly opinionated, and for good reason, that studying BBA is like making a good investment- enjoying the educational exposure similar to that of an MBA student for a much lesser cost and at a very early stage.

BBA at Department of Commerce offers specialisation in the following courses:

E-Banking and Finance

Financial Markets


Logistics & Supply Chain

Human Resources, Marketing

Insurance & Risk Management

Family Business Management


A typical BBA student has the following course structure laid out over six semesters (source:


M.Com Logistics and Supply Chain is a two-year program exposed to understanding the basic dimensions of Logistics and Supply Chain Management essential for businesses like inventory, procurement, etc. The intention of this course is to educate students on the fundamental role supply chain management plays in the global economy while stimulating critical thinking on the topics of economic reasoning, business negotiation, and opportunities for growth. Your learning will be cemented through an individual research project which you will complete under the guidance of our experienced staff.

A typical M.Com Logistics and Supply Chain student has the following course structure laid out over four semesters (source: Syllabus%20of%20MCom%20-%20FinalR1%20-%20Website.pdf

Extra-Curricular Activities

The college is always buzzing with cultural events and fests all-round the year. Some chief highlights include:

Conscendo is an international level management fest organised annually by the students of Dept. Of Commerce. Conscendo is popularly known to bring the boardroom fire and corporate drive into the college corridors. It is the perfect combination of fun and on the field experiences with all the ingredients of challenges, brainstorming, stress management, teamwork, and seeking success. This global arena provides students with an opportunity to not only display their strength but also learn about how to deal with real-world business scenarios.

Convergence is an in-house management fest organised by the seniors of the college for the freshers batch every year. It aims to give every student the understanding of how managerial tests work and what it takes to put up a good competition.

Step-n-Beat is an annual cultural night organised by the college student council to provide a platform for young individuals to showcase their many talents.

2017 saw the establishment of two of DOC’s very own student clubs:

Rangasthala is a performing arts club that stages multiple plays and performances. It has also organised many of their own events encouraging students and faculty alike to participate.

The Poetry Society is an exclusive club dedicated to poetry, offering a forum for anyone who appreciates, writes, or performs poetry.

Hostels and Accommodation

DOC students are housed with the MIT, SOC, and FOA students in the same hostels. First-years have to compulsorily live in the hostels, while seniors have the option of living off campus as well. You can live off campus as a first-year only if you are a local. The curfew for first years is 10:00 P.M. and for seniors, it’s 11:00 P.M.

For more information on the hostels, follow the link given below.

Hostel Accommodation for Boys (Freshers)
Hostel Accommodation for Girls (Freshers)

Here is a map of Manipal in case you want to check out the proximity of the classrooms to the hostels.

Manipal Map


The education of a student of Department of Commerce, MAHE is seldom limited to the four walls of a classroom. The Department of Commerce has recorded consistent improvement in research and placement performance. The college has collaborations with Manipal Global Education (MaGE), Bangalore and National Stock Exchange (NSE), Mumbai to deliver various stock markets. It also has academic exchange programmes with universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Europe. The college aims to develop into a world-class centre of excellence in education, training and research by 2020.

-Tanushree Shivaram for MTTN.


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